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Sistema de UPS realmente escalable, en todos lo sentidos.

Beneficios al cliente

# Optimizacion en el empleo del capital invertido

# Configuración electrica simplificada

# Hot Swaps de modulos de potencia que reducen el MTTR durante la extension de la capacidad o el mantenimiento.

# La carga esta protegida por un verdadero sistema OnLine doble conversion.

# Tamaño del sisetma de acuerdo a necesidad de la carga.

# COnexion y desconexion segura de los distintos componente del sistema.

# Muchas soluciones de acuerdo a las necesidades del cliente.



Result of more than 20 years of experience in supplying modular solutions, DELPHYS XTEND GP is the latest innovative addition to the range of energy efficient UPS solutions. It combines all the benefits of the Green Power 2.0 technology and the flexibility of a modular system.

DELPHYS XTEND GP is a real hot-scalable UPS system designed to provide power scalability that can be built up with power blocks to extend the system according to the maximum power requirement.

The solution for

• Large data centres
• Telecommunications
• Healthcare sector
• Service sector
• Infrastructure
• Processes
• Industrial applications


An innovative way to provide scalability

• Power scalability is provided by 200 kVA/kW Xmodule power blocks docked onto prewired Xbay docks.
• The installation and the positioning are easy with secured operation both for operators and the application.
• The load is fully protected in online double conversion mode even during system extensions or maintenance. 

Real hot-scalable solution

• Quick and safe scalability to meet evolving power demands.
• Reliable power that can be increased when needed to rapidly meet changing capacity demands.
• Easy adaptation to site evolutions and constraints.
• Prewired system for additional Xmodule connection and coupling within the system.
• The benefits of the real hot scalability:
   - no site modifications for power upgrading,
   - lower initial cost,
   - reduced time and cost for power upgrading,
   - reduced maintenance expenditure,
   - reduced energy and cooling costs.

Optimized capital employed

• Lower the initial cost by installing only the required Xmodule power blocks
• Simplifies the upstream and downstream switchboards thanks to its integrated scalability and pre-wired architecture.
• Reduces time and cost for power upgrading.
• Provides a cost effective maintenance thanks to system scalability.
• Minimizes energy consumption with its design and technology.
• Innovative battery discharge test allows significant cost savings:
   - no need to rent or buy load banks,
   - simplified infrastructure (no dedicated test bus bars required),
   - no wasted energy (it is re-used to supply other UPS or applications),
   - less time needed to perform the test  (easy to programme).

Energy efficiency & adaptability

In addition of its high online efficiency, DELPHYS XTEND GP can reduce heat losses while operating under different site conditions:
• Energy Saver mode optimises the performance of a system working in double conversion during low load conditions.
• Fast EcoMode increases the efficiency (up to 99%), by selecting the bypass line (VFD mode) when its quality is within the defined tolerances and stability. If the input power supply is disturbed, the load is instantaneously transferred to online double conversion (VFI mode) to ensure high power quality.

A complete solution

DELPHYS XTEND GP simplifies the connection to the upstream and downstream switchboards. It eliminates installation rework costs when new capacity is required from the IT loads. Power upgrading is performed without interrupting the energy supplied to the load thanks to pre-wired platform bays that allow the power modules to be plugged or unplugged in full safety without any modification to the site’s electrical infrastructure.

Total system flexibility

DELPHYS XTEND GP is built on a flexible brick concept. It is fully adaptable to all types of infrastructure and environments. The hot scalability feature means you can scale your system according to your initial power requirements, at the same time keeping your power options open depending on future evolutions:
• the system can be set for distributed or with centralized static bypass architecture,
• common or separated rectifier and bypass mains,
• flexible battery connection with shared or distributed batteries coupling,
• IN /OUT and DC connection are available for top or bottom entry configurations,
• the system disposition can be adapted to the UPS room configuration.

A manufacturer’s dedicated services

Full set of innovative services which aims at optimising your investment all along the product lifecycle while ensuring optimum availability and performance of your critical applications:
• OPEX-based costing models,
• cabling, docking and inspection service,
• preventive maintenance and original spare parts,
• 1-3-5 year contracts,
• remote monitoring (LINK-UPS),
• 24/7 hotline, accelerated response time and reduced upgrade period,
• smart battery discharge support,
• firmware consistency management







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